Who’s Talking?

My good friend Neil Plaister is a brilliant Financial Advisor. He runs a successful IFA practice and he’s never made one cold call.

I was originally referred to Neil and I continue to refer Neil. All of Neil’s business comes from referrals. Over 90% of people referred to him proceed to do business with him. Wow.

Neil is a great guy. He understands his products, his market and his customers inside out. He delivers personal, exceptional service with passion. I know whoever I send Neil’s way will get the same experience. That’s why I continue to do it. I trust him.

The question is who is talking about your offering enough to refer you? Gaining a referral is the most coveted prize in sales. It means you have delivered above and beyond your customers expectations. They trust you and they want their network to trust you too.

Want to win more customers? Start to be like Neil. Start delivering that memorable, exceptional service which is worthy of conversation.