Waiting in Line

Grabbing a quick sandwich from the local supermarket at lunchtime is never fun. The chances are there are not enough tills open. Not enough staff. Zero sense of urgency.

The majority of us loathe to wait. Especially if we are in a hurry.

It was my Mum’s birthday yesterday. Like the good son I am, I chose to send her some flowers. Using Interflora’s fantastic website, the whole transaction was completed and paid for in minutes. All without leaving the comfort of my office. The flowers turned up in perfect condition. On time, exactly as I wanted. She was delighted and I was a happy customer guaranteed to return.

How often to you keep your customers waiting? Phones not answered quickly. Calls placed on hold. Dreaded voicemail with empty promises. Queries not dealt with promptly.

Waiting in line is unpleasant. Nobody likes it.

Make it easy do to business with your company. Delight customers with timely, remarkable service and you can’t fail to impress and grow.