Too Much Information

Ever wondered if you are saying too much to your customers? Giving information that just isn’t needed?

On a recent trip to Portugal, my flight was slightly delayed. As the airport bus took us across the airfield to our plane, many passengers observed that the jet was a white-label charter, not the carrier we had booked with. Obviously due to some difficulty, the airline had drafted in a replacement aircraft.

After everyone had taken their seats, the pilot announced that “there will be a slight delay getting airborne, as we have an issue starting the engines – we are awaiting a generator which will be used to get us going”. Worried faces erupted all over the place. Some people giggled, most looked terrified. In a field such as aviation, so many customers fly because they have to, not because they want to. Passenger comfort is of paramount importance. To the nervous flyer how comforting is this message? Did it need to be communicated in this way?

We live in a world of information overload. How you store, manage, but more importantly communicate information (especially to your customers) is becoming more and more critical.