Shattering Expectations

Picture the scene. You are the chairman of a major British corporation. You’ve arrived promptly at the offices of a new supplier, eager to hear their pitch for your prestigious business.

You hate incompetence and command respect. You have very exacting standards. You’ve even been knighted for your services to British industry. People address you as “Sir”.

As the office doors open, you can hardly believe your eyes. Your expectations are shattered. Instead of an enthusiastic welcome, you are greeted by an unoccupied, scruffy, smoke filled reception.
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Dragon’s Blood

This is the shower gel I used this morning. Dragon’s blood?! It came as a sample, bundled in with a bunch of other stuff I ordered from an on-line store. Amongst the products I was expecting, it was the one that caught my eye. I had to give it a go.

How interesting or compelling is your offering? Are you selling “a spicy blend of dragon’s blood and ginger” or are you simply pushing boring old “shower gel”? Granted, there is a place for shower gel, but that place is painfully crowded – traditional or “safe” shower gel manufacturers have to resort to price to compete. Without even looking, something tells me the retail price of this captivating body wash isn’t rock bottom.

Of course the whole thing breaks down if the product is less than awesome. Dragon’s Blood thankfully rocked. I’ll be ordering some.

The Dog’s Gone Senile

There were just two of us that started Neocol back in 2003. I took care of sales and marketing, and my partner took care of the clever, technical stuff. When we began, we didn’t have that much capital. To boot, we had zero customers and not one member of staff to assist us. We made up for these shortcomings with a whole bunch of enthusiasm, energy, and creative ideas.

We had spotted a niche, and knew our friends over at IBM had some technology to address it. IBM was slow to realise what they had, so we effectively took the proposition to market for them.

After some persistent drum beating and clever marketing, we started to attend joint customer meetings. We had researched heavily, therefore on many occasions we actually ended up knowing more about IBM’s proposition than the IBM sales people accompanying us!
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Same Ingredients. Better Results.

With the abundance of cooking programs now gracing our TV screens, have you ever noticed how using the same ingredients, one chef can create an awe-inspiring dish, yet another creates something ordinary?

In today’s world, we are blessed with many of the same ingredients; the telephone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google … Yet, isn’t it amazing how some do so well, yet some fail miserably?
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Video Killed The Radio Star

Video is everywhere nowadays – you no longer need a massive budget to shoot an ad and pay for prime-time TV slots. Even if you did, nobody’s really listening – most of us are so busy, we record what we want to watch and then sit down at a time that suits us – fast-forwarding through all the ad-breaks.

In today’s world, you can compete with the big boys simply with a creative idea, hand-held video equipment and the power of YouTube. The Internet allows your idea to spread like wildfire, creating impact to the people that actually do care about your message.
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Fear of Flying

There is no doubt about it, air travel is now a frequent feature on any business travellers agenda. I’ve lost count of the number of flights I’ve taken over the years. Fear of flying affects many of us, however my fear isn’t directly associated with turbulence, take-offs or landings. My fear centres on the bland, unenthused, identical consumer experience time and time again.

There was once a time that flying was glamorous. Now we are greeted by crew that have travelled far too many miles in the day to deliver outstanding service. Crew that just want to get home. Crew that don’t make a connection and go that extra mile to take care of the weary passenger.
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