Steve Jobs and my Dad

I’ll never forget the day Steve Jobs died. As one of the true visionaries and personal heroes in my lifetime, I’d followed him with unfaltering admiration for his passion, attention to detail, and ability to inspire. In fact I’d followed him for so long, I almost felt like I knew him personally. Like many others on the day he died, I learnt of his passing on the actual device that he had invented.
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Brand (You)

For any fellow Apprentice fans, you will no doubt remember the infamous Stuart Baggs gracing our screens during series 6 of the award-winning TV show back in autumn 2010.

Baggs entertained viewers with a blend of relentless enthusiasm and humourous remarks, but above all a referral to himself as a “brand”. He was constantly ridiculed by Lord Sugar for this self-styled reference, and was completely shot down by Sugar’s sidekick Claude Littner during the interview round.
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The Art of Transparency

My good friend Crispin recently sold an unwanted motorbike via eBay. Here’s his listing in full:

Here is my unloved Kawasaki KDX 125 for sale – its PINK and GREEN. You need to be a confident person to ride this bike or you will have your dinner money stolen. I purchased it as a spare bike (I had a WR450) back in 2005 and have not really used it – just the odd trip to work.

I hold a number of MOT certificates, the first runs from 19th July 2001 and details the bike has done 8307KM. The current reading is 10450KM but I do remember having to replace a speedo cable a few years ago as the speedo was not working so its probably done a few more KM’s – maybe 200ish more. I also did some work on it a while back and couldn’t work out where the indicator relay needed to go back to so its stuffed into the side panel. I also lost one of the rear foot pegs – well I think it fell off! Read more

People Love an Underdog

It’s a given that businesses are always striving to be number one. To gain the most market share and be seen as top dog. How many times have you lost out to a bigger competitor, or the so-called market leader? What if being the underdog was actually a position you could capitalise on to become bigger?

Back in the early 1960′s, Hertz was the clear winner in the car rental business, with Avis one of the underdogs. Instead of moaning that they are on a downward spiral, Avis made the decision to market the fact that they weren’t the dominant leader. Avis launched an honest, open and believable campaign simply called “we try harder”.
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