I don’t have that Information

Having worked with Information Management software since 2002, I have a strong passion for how it can be used to improve customer service.

With customer acquisition and retention being on the mind of every savvy organisation, I am shocked by the number of calls I make to customer service departments only to be told “sorry, I don’t have that information”. This is normally followed by “it’s a different department” or “can I put you on hold?” Sound familiar? Frustrating? You bet.

Corporate Information Management is now more important than ever. Information is the lifeblood of your organisation, it’s the new currency. Without the tools in place to manage, protect and distribute information, you are no longer competitive. Information Management means you can process new customers quicker, deal with complaints faster and answer queries first time. You outsmart the competition. Investing in an Information Management strategy is no longer a luxury, or something that “the IT department deals with”, it’s paramount for your business growth and long-term success.