Shop Fronts

Any retail expert will tell you the importance of having a great shop front. A well designed and eye catching exterior entices customers through the door. Once inside, the shop-fit, ambience and service will encourage the spending of hard-earned cash.

Any non-retail business tends not to have the luxury of passing trade; however the importance of presenting an eye catching shop front is still vitally important.

In today’s Internet enabled economy, it amazes me the number of organisations not waking up to creating a professional, easy to navigate website and well-designed corporate logo.

When looking for a product or service on-line, how many companies do you discount based on terrible navigation or shoddy design? I’m the worst for it. I don’t care how good the product or service is, anyone that openly presents themselves in such a poor manner doesn’t get my vote.

My good friend Matt is a car salesman. He has two retail sites, but he could almost do without them  –  Over 85% of his business comes from on-line sales. People see the car online, make an appointment to view, and then turn up to buy. Some don’t even bother with the viewing – Matt simply takes the payment and ships the car directly to them. Matt has a great shop front – On-line.

On-line image and brand reputation is vital in today’s market. Your website is literally a window of opportunity – Your shop front. Everyone uses Google. Everyone can find you inside a few mouse clicks.

Hiding away in the Yellow Pages with a one-line advert is no longer sustainable. Thinking you are part of the digital age because you have a email address? Forget it. It’s not just the little guys either. Without thinking, I could name tens of companies in the technology space that have shockingly bad sites. They look unprofessional, have stupid “features”, or are just damn right confusing.

When building my business, I invested heavily in our online presence. It paid dividends. Our friends over at Rawnet created a mind-blowing web site, coupled with awesome marketing materials. Anyone who tells you its a wasted investment doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Whether you are a software company, a hotel, or a formal dress-hire shop, thinking the Internet doesn’t matter to you could be the biggest mistake you ever make.