Same Ingredients. Better Results.

With the abundance of cooking programs now gracing our TV screens, have you ever noticed how using the same ingredients, one chef can create an awe-inspiring dish, yet another creates something ordinary?

In today’s world, we are blessed with many of the same ingredients; the telephone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google … Yet, isn’t it amazing how some do so well, yet some fail miserably?

If our core ingredients are the same, then success surely boils down to aspiration, passion, creativity and raw talent? How badly you want something, how passionate you are for it, and how creative you are with what you have sets you apart from your nearest competitor. Using the same ingredients, but in more creative, engaging ways will create buzz. Don’t be afraid to be different. People like it.

Little touches can make all the difference. How often do you Google someone before going to meet them? How prepared do you come for a meeting with questions that are relevant based on the research you’ve done? People love to talk about themselves. Make it easy for them to do so.

Do your offerings taste bland? Do they lack seasoning and flavour? Are your customers excited by your menu? Start to put some creative soul into your recipes; I think you’ll notice the difference.