Babies Names

I’m now at an age where many of my friends are having children. How quickly times change. It wasn’t that long ago when they were getting in at 3AM; now they are getting up at 3AM to change nappies!

Some of my friends have always had names in their head for what to call their kids. Whereas, others ponder for hours over baby naming books, choosing something which sounds just right.

What is actually in a name, and does it really matter what you call your newborn? What’s better – a name that stands out, or one that fits in? Fitting in is expected – it’s non disruptive. Take Andrew Smith for example, a nice normal name. It doesn’t offend, but merely blends quietly into the background.
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My journey to a client’s office this morning took 4 hours. To drive 60 miles! It wasn’t as if I hadn’t prepared; in fact I had allowed nearly 2 hours for a journey which normally takes me around an hour 20.

Even though I had prepared by knowing the exact route and allowing more than adequate time, I failed. Just goes to show, preparation doesn’t guarantee success. After sitting in queued traffic on a motorway slip for what seemed like an eternity, I cut my losses – giving up on the time I had committed to the queue and proceeded to drive another 25 miles to cut around the traffic and eventually arrive at my destination.

Preparation is key to any new venture. However, just because you’ve built a plan doesn’t mean it’s going to work the way you have mapped out. Knowing when to change course, take avoiding action or even turn around and start again fresh another day is vital for achieving success.

This Time Next Year

Ahhhh, the New Year. Feel’s fresh doesn’t it? Full of resolutions, promises and excitement.

The number of people that start off on Jan 1st with dreams of making £10 million by March or shedding 4 stone by February never fails to amaze me. Get real.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt along the way, it’s to set measurable but realistic goals. Goals which, when you achieve them spur you on to achieve the next one – like getting an extra 100 readers on your Blog by June, and then converting just 5% of those readers into paying clients by the end of September.

January 1st is just a date. Like February 21st or April 9th. Don’t feel pressured into thinking you have to decide on your goals and aspirations at the start each calendar year like everyone else. Your plan is your plan for a reason – it can start anytime. If you want to change something in your life, it doesn’t matter when you start planning for it – what matters is when you achieve it.

The Holidays are Coming!

Seeing as I’m a big fan of Christmas, it’s time for a festive post! I love everything about this time of year; seeing friends and family, giving and receiving presents, Christmas trees and indulgent overeating!

Now, take a moment to think about the main character adorning retailers, houses and children’s minds at this time of year – Father Christmas. Thinking of him conjures up thoughts of the glowing red outfit, the huge snowy white beard, jet black boots and the bulging sack of presents.
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Same Ingredients. Better Results.

With the abundance of cooking programs now gracing our TV screens, have you ever noticed how using the same ingredients, one chef can create an awe-inspiring dish, yet another creates something ordinary?

In today’s world, we are blessed with many of the same ingredients; the telephone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google … Yet, isn’t it amazing how some do so well, yet some fail miserably?
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Alleyway Sex

Through my consulting work with a number of clients, I’ve started to notice a very common trap which many of them are falling into.

Technology firms, whether vendors, resellers, or systems integrators tend to have numerous product offerings. They want to market these offerings in the best way possible, however the common trend is to market each product, in an unstructured way which varies from month to month.

For example, in January an e-Shot is sent talking about product one, in March some telemarketing occurs on product two, and in May an event is run on product three. It’s a bit like a one night stand, or a quick fumble in an alleyway – the customer is hit with various products at various times, with zero consistency. Each product does something different; the company pushes mixed, confusing messages. There is no central theme or strategy which underpins the campaign – its pure hit and hope.
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