Get Emotional

When building a business, there’s a tendency to shy away from sharing your journey. You focus on the product or the service, hoping this will sell itself.

When I started my company, my aim was to create something memorable. Something I could stand back and be proud of. Something that made a difference.

There is no doubt, as a business owner or CEO you have passion for what you do. If you don’t, then why do it right? The passion was visible, but I was forever frustrated that people weren’t connecting with the brand in a way that I wanted.

Giving a presentation one day, I decided to talk about our journey. Where we had come from, how every possession had been sold to start the business. I talked about selling my house, how I moved back with my parents and called prospects non-stop from the spare room. The result was amazing. The audience connected with me, they understood what the brand meant to me and my entire team. I created a level of emotion that the competition didn’t.

People love a story. Brands are emotional. Creating a faceless organisation focused purely on the bottom line means one thing; blending in. So many companies don’t connect with their customers in a way that generates long-term loyalty.

Think about your journey. Where have you come from? What inspired you to begin? What does your brand say about you? Work out how to build a story into your marketing message that generates an emotional connection. You’ll be amazed at the results.