Fear of Flying

There is no doubt about it, air travel is now a frequent feature on any business travellers agenda. I’ve lost count of the number of flights I’ve taken over the years. Fear of flying affects many of us, however my fear isn’t directly associated with turbulence, take-offs or landings. My fear centres on the bland, unenthused, identical consumer experience time and time again.

There was once a time that flying was glamorous. Now we are greeted by crew that have travelled far too many miles in the day to deliver outstanding service. Crew that just want to get home. Crew that don’t make a connection and go that extra mile to take care of the weary passenger.

In an industry such as aviation, you simply have to deliver passengers safely from A to B right? Wrong. Just like any business, the airline industry is highly competitive. Being different is everything. People still travel Virgin simply because of little complimentary travel kits containing flight socks and a toothbrush.

Every service you deliver to your client can be differentiated from the competition. A creative approach results in people talking.

Think you can’t be creative? Try harder. Even a passenger safety announcement can be made engaging. Check out what South West Airlines is doing to make customers smile: