Multiple Uses

Accurate, consistent information is the lifeblood of any business. IDC reports that corporate growth for traditional structured, transactional data is 32.3% per year, whereas file based, unstructured data grows at a staggering 63.7% – twice that of structured data.

Storing, managing and exploiting value in this information is now critical for any modern enterprise. E-mail, file servers, transactional databases – all silo’d data sources for valuable business content. Information is now the true lifeblood of your organisation. Read more

Same Thing. Different Results.

How many times do you keep doing something because it’s the way you’ve always done it? Even if it doesn’t work anymore?

I’m amazed at the number of organisations still trying to sell like they did twenty years ago. Forcing sales reps to cold call, ringing people that don’t know you, or care about you.
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Curriculum What?

Some of the best people I’ve hired over the years have been a result of recommendation and referral. I’ve very rarely used recruitment agencies.

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a whole bunch of community websites out there, is the day of the CV slowly dying out? I can’t remember the last time I had a CV, or even needed one for that matter. Every single company I’m now involved with approached me either through my network or through social media.

Real talent helps a company grow, to stand-out. I’m willing to bet the people you really need to in your business don’t have a CV. What they do have is a strong on-line brand and a well connected network.

I Don’t Do That Part

Last year, fed up with all the individual travel insurance policies I kept taking out for various trips, I decided to book an all-encompassing policy to cover all my travel needs. I settled on very competitive cover from a site called InsureandGo. The process was completely painless; payment taken on-line, and all of my policy documents emailed to me minutes later. I was immediately covered. One happy customer.

My policy with InsureandGo expires on 7th July this year, so I decided to call them to renew. Before doing so, I browsed their website and noticed they also do “Gadget Insurance”. Fantastic I thought, I’ve just got a new iPhone and cover on this would give me complete peace of mind.
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We’ve Got You Now

When I was 22, I was back working for IBM for the second time and I was having a ball. I was working with a great team, learning new stuff daily, and feeling I was really part of something.

Eighteen months later, everything changed. I was complacent. Everything now appeared like a daily grind. I had a new, uninspiring boss and my work had become repetitive.

It was around this time that I had just bought my first house. I was very proud having accomplished this at such a young age; however I felt I was slowly getting drawn onto the treadmill. On hearing the news, my boss came to congratulate me – “that’s it, we’ve got you now” he beamed. I thought for a second. Was this it? Because I’m now a home owner with responsibilities, I no longer have options?
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Remember as a kid when you’ll do anything to get what you want? Feelings of embarrassment don’t even feature? When I was around seven years old, I desperately wanted a hamster. All my friends had them. They were cool and I was the odd one out.

I settled on the idea of a sit-in protest to convince my parents to buy me one. I locked myself in the family bathroom (we only had one) until they backed down and said yes. I even roped my sister in to pass me biscuits under the door to keep hunger at bay. I can’t recall exactly how many hours I was in there, but it worked. I got my first hamster.

As we get older, it’s not uncommon to lose that die-hard belief in achieving your goals; too many knock-backs, a crappy boss, prospects that won’t take your call. My advice? Keep focused. If you truly believe in what you are doing then it will show. We had plenty of obstacles to overcome when building our business, but with each one you learn.

Don’t lose momentum. Treat each no as the journey to a yes.