Busy Being Busy

Leave her, she’s busy – course she is .. “Busy being busy” more like. Ever noticed when someone simply ignores what really needs to be done and looks for something to react or respond to?

E-mails, Twitter, Facebook – admit it, how often do you spend your time checking? How many times do you look for new texts on your phone, even though it’s not even beeped?

We are all guilty of it – spending time on the pointless alternative – something to distract us from taking initiative. The comfort zone has its name, well because it’s comfortable! How often are you spending time in your comfort zone? Busy responding to a tender you’ll never win, simply because you don’t want to pick up the phone and speak with a real prospect? Spending time buying and building servers to host your new application, even though you actually have no customers or have any clue how to obtain any?

Look closely and you’ll spot the “busyites” in any industry or location – hotel staff happily polishing glasses but ignoring customers wanting to place orders at the bar – the office long-timer so set in his ways he’ll happily stare randomly at his PC screen, but ignore a ringing phone from a valued client.

Stop hiding and start delivering – your company needs you – design, create, execute – just do it today.