Bacon and Eggs

I’ve just got back from a fantastic lazy Sunday morning breakfast at my local cafe. There are plenty of cafes where I live. Plenty of choice for any hungry consumer on a sunny Sunday morning.

However, when I’m at home, I wouldn’t ever spend my Sunday mornings at any other place. Why?

Because it’s the nearest? No. Because it’s the cheapest? No.

They offer the best breakfast for miles around. It’s consistent. They have never failed to deliver on their promise. Blend this with remarkable, memorable service which is always friendly and welcoming and you have a winning recipe.

What makes people come back to you time and time again?

In a world of choices, people are no longer prepared to settle for second best. They want things better, faster, cheaper. And there’s always someone willing to oblige. How are you delivering that memorable service? That creative approach that keeps people returning, over and over again?

From my experience of selling in the business to business world, it strikes me that it’s dangerous to be the same. Dangerous to conform, to fit in. People want different, people want to be engaged. If your not delivering, then what does that leave? Price. Not a good place to be long-term. So the next time you pitch up at your next prospect, think about your actions. Think about what you are doing to set yourself apart from the competition.

Hand out a business card. Deliver a PowerPoint presentation. Ask the same questions you always ask.

Do you think your competition does exactly the same? Do you think they tell the prospect that their team is better, that their service is outstanding? Of course they do. So what sets you apart? Do the same and the chances are they’ll forget you in the blink of an eye.

Want to win more business? Dare to be different.