Alleyway Sex

Through my consulting work with a number of clients, I’ve started to notice a very common trap which many of them are falling into.

Technology firms, whether vendors, resellers, or systems integrators tend to have numerous product offerings. They want to market these offerings in the best way possible, however the common trend is to market each product, in an unstructured way which varies from month to month.

For example, in January an e-Shot is sent talking about product one, in March some telemarketing occurs on product two, and in May an event is run on product three. It’s a bit like a one night stand, or a quick fumble in an alleyway – the customer is hit with various products at various times, with zero consistency. Each product does something different; the company pushes mixed, confusing messages. There is no central theme or strategy which underpins the campaign – its pure hit and hope.

We are all consumers. We all know what presses our buttons. Therefore, think carefully about what your business truly stands for and use that to be the foundation of your marketing. Today’s world is all about standing for something. Something which makes your business unique and makes your audience connect with you. Customers love a story, it helps create an emotional connection – what story are you telling? Is it consistent, or does it jump from page to page without any kind of structure? A universal story will give consumers a perception of your company being stable, confident, and credible.

Here are some pointers to get you thinking:

  • Review every marketing piece you’ve created recently. Does each follow a consistent story?
  • Is the story your mantra as an organisation? Does that passion shine through when people meet you?
  • Is the story present in all your client presentations or are they simply about product?
  • Have you created a Twitter or Facebook account just to promote product? If so, you’ve failed already
  • Is your company linked with any affiliate organisations which help to endorse or support your story?

Wham bam marketing might make you some quick money for the few people that listen to you, but it will never bring you long-term customer loyalty. Customer loyalty comes from brand consistency, and brand consistency is all about ensuring every piece of communication and interaction with your audience follows a theme. My advice? Stop having one night stands, and start building long-term relationships.